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Master’s Degree in Social Work

For over 40 years, the School of Social Work has served the people of the State of Illinois by offering access to its MSW program to place-bound practitioners who live and work at a distance from the Urbana-Champaign campus. The iMSW program permits students with the necessary academic and practice background to obtain a Master of Social Work degree. This allows for students to continue working full-time in their home communities while advancing their education in the social work discipline. In many cases students are able to complete a return to employment field placement which allows for them to continue being employed at their social service agency. 

The iMSW Program prepares students for advanced social work practice and research in public and private agencies in two primary concentrations: Leadership and Social Change and Advanced Clinical. Within the Advanced Clinical concentration, students choose a focus area to specialize in: Mental Health, Health Care, or Children, Youth, and Family Services. Every student must choose a concentration and complete an internship within that concentration.

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