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M.S. Degree Program in Crop Sciences

You won’t find another crop sciences department with a history like ours. We started as the first Department of Agronomy in the United States. Currently, we are a nationally-ranked plant sciences program with a rich history and exceptional academic reputation.

Global impact. Millions of people go undernourished every day. They don’t have clean water to drink or nutritious food to eat. We’re changing that. We’re here to educate future leaders to feed and fuel the world. Locally and globally, in the classroom and the field, we’re working with students, scientists, communities, and producers to increase food and fuel security. Through these research collaborations, we’re developing new crop varieties, agricultural processes, and technologies revolutionizing food systems and the agriculture industry.

Advance your career with an Online Master’s Degree in Crop Sciences. Our program focuses on relevant agricultural issues backed by the academic reputation of a world-class research institution.

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