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Master in Sustainable Design

The three-semester master’s degree program in Sustainable Design (MSD) gives you the interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and confidence to be a leader in the Sustainability Revolution. The program features a curriculum taught by core faculty from all five of the college’s programs-architecture, building construction, interior design, landscape architecture and urban & regional planning and is offered in a low-residency-online format or traditional on campus format.

Sustainability in the design, construction and planning of the built environment is the connecting thread between all of the professional programs in our College, and a centerpiece of the University of Florida’s strategic plan. We are recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading public institutions teaching, researching and providing consulting in sustainability. Our College’s MSD program harnesses the rich and diverse expertise of our faculty around a common objective.

We guarantee to students in this program an intensive exposure to the best in sustainable design thinking from an international vantage point, the opportunity to explore in depth their own areas of research, and the chance to become a graduate of the University of Florida-one of the world’s great public research universities. Our low-residency online format means that you do not need to leave your job or place of residence to get some of the highest quality instruction available. Using advanced interactive technology, and intensive live workshop sessions, we bring the sustainable design program directly to you regardless of where you live. We look forward to your participation in this unique, challenging and extremely rewarding endeavor.

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