Top 50 Innovative Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Offering Online Degree Programs

At Nonprofit Online Degrees, we believe there are hundreds of great nonprofit colleges and universities that truly offer a world-class online degree experience for students. So we thought we would list 50 of our favorite, highly innovative and fully accredited nonprofit institutions for you to review.  Click on the college or university name for more information. 

So what makes a college or university innovative with regards to online learning? Incredible student success support and online degrees that are unique and not necessarily offered by nearly every college or university.  These attributes, plus unique approaches to delivering high-quality content and creating a stimulating, collaborative environment are what creates a real online learning innovation.

Virtually Inspired: Showcasing Innovations in Online Learning Best Practices

From holographs and educational games, to drones and robots, 21st century educators are forging new and amazing trails in technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Virtually Inspired is a place where educators can come for inspiration by perusing each video showcase below to see how creative professionals around the globe are infusing technology with learning.

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