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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Online Degree

Degree Completion Program

College: Arts and Sciences

Program Category: Online

Description: The undergraduate BA in Sociology provides a solid liberal arts foundation providing the necessary skills for entering the world of business, law, law enforcement, education, government, non-profit organizations, environmental and health career fields, among others. The BA in Sociology prepares students to work in today’s multiethnic and multinational global environment. The degree provides valuable insights into social factors like race, ethnicity, gender, age, education and social class that can affect a wide range of variables like workplace productivity, organizational effectiveness, family and community dynamics, and environmental policy in the 21st century.

Delivery method: All required courses in the discipline of sociology are offered through Canvas. We have a large selection of electives taught online in the Fall and Spring semesters. All courses taught during the Summer are taught online. For course rotation of online courses, please see: Requirements for Sociology Major

Requirements: This program is intended for all students in the NMSU system. Working with the branch campuses, the entire degree can be completed online

Department Requirements for a Major in Sociology

  • SOC 101G Introduction to Sociology.
  • SOC 351 Sociological Theory – offered online in the Fall semester.
  • SOC 352 Social Research: Methods – offered online in the Spring semester.
  • SOC 353 Social Research: Analysis – offered online in the Spring semester.
  • SOC 401 Introduction to Social Practice -offered online in both the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Plus 18 credits of Sociology electives to bring the total to 33. Of these 18 credits, six need to be at the 400 level (this does not include Soc 401), and six need to be at the 300/400 level. A grade of “C-” or better is required. Six credits of Directed Readings are allowed.

Note: There is no language requirement for Sociology majors.

Costs: Current main campus tuition and fees plus a $35 per credit hour distance education fee. See the University Accounts Receivable Tuitions and Fees for the current rate.

To apply: Students should follow the normal NMSU application process for undergraduate admissions.

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