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Online Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management


Healthcare administrators and managers direct and implement plans for services in the medical and healthcare environment. They may even manage entire medical practices, smaller clinics, or specialized departments within those facilities.What does it mean to be a healthcare administrator?

The world of healthcare is always changing and updating its technology according to new healthcare laws and regulations. As a healthcare administrator, you will be challenged to adapt and thrive with the new changes that the medical field sees regularly.

You must be able to work with clear leadership skills and an organized, focused mind to help your facility, and yourself, achieve excellence in the healthcare administration and management setting.

The medical staff will look to healthcare administrators to keep them up to date with any new medical and healthcare laws and regulations, patient records, department procedure, policy compliance, and everything in between.

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Earn Your Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management

If you are looking to lead healthcare and medical facilities into the future through evolving technology and regulations, the online degree program at CSU-Global is for you.

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management degree program is intended to prepare you for this rewarding industry by providing you with a strong foundation in business, marketing, human resources, communication, and decision making.

Throughout the program, you will develop the skills you need for applying the knowledge of quality healthcare systems, risk management, medical laws, regulations, and ethics to your career as a proficient healthcare administrator.

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