Nonprofit Online Degrees is the only website dedicated only to online degrees offered by nonprofit colleges and universities. To give you an example – public institutions such as the University of Illinois or Arizona State University are easily identified as nonprofit institutions funded by their State. Most private institutions such as Harvard University, Washington University in St. Louis, or Amherst are also nonprofit institutions. The only difference is that State-funded schools receive a large portion of their budget from the State, therefore keeping costs down somewhat. Private, nonprofit institutions do not receive funding from the State, so sometimes their costs can be higher. But both of these types of institutions adhere to policies that ensure your education is high quality, and the faculty is also highly qualified. We believe this is of the utmost importance.

Why are no for-profit online degrees listed?
What you won’t find here are degrees offered by for-profit institutions such as University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Capella University or Walden University, among many others.

Our team has many years of experience managing marketing and communications at nonprofit higher education institutions. We found that websites that promote online degrees may have nonprofit institutions listed, but the for-profits dominated the websites by being the “featured school or program” because they could afford to do so. We could never afford to compete. These websites charge an enormous amount of money for a listing or per-inquiry and create an unfair advantage for the for-profits. In addition, we tested many sites over the last several years and found that when a prospective student completes a form, they are almost always “sold” a for-profit degree program. And their information is typically sold to multiple for-profit institutions who immediately begin calling the student. The next thing that happens is the student is granted admission immediately to the for-profit institution. Then the admissions counselor (sales rep) influences the student to complete student loan paperwork so that he or she can get enrolled, and the for-profit institution can get paid.

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