I built Nonprofit Online Degrees because I knew there was no other website dedicated to listing online degrees from nonprofit colleges and universities. During my 15 years of higher education marketing experience, I have witnessed quite a bit of fraud and highly misleading marketing tactics used by a wide variety of online degree lead generation firms. One such fraud was perpetrated on many nonprofit colleges including my former employer – University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. The details regarding that situation can be found in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education from 2011.

Unfortunately, even after these practices were exposed, similar misleading tactics continue to be used regularly. Enter Nonprofit Colleges Online (nonprofitcollegesonline.com). A website that misleads and completely misinforms its visitors. Let me demonstrate. First, look at the attractive homepage that seems to be a trustworthy resource for finding online degrees from nonprofit colleges. And please remember this tagline on the webpage below – “ONLINE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PUTTING STUDENTS BEFORE PROFITS.”

online degrees from nonprofit colleges

Now take a look at what happens when I use the Nonprofit Colleges Online “degree finder” to see what programs are listed for a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. First, we select a degree type, category, and subject.

online degrees from nonprofit colleges

Okay, now let’s see what happens when hit “Search Now.”  I can’t wait to see a list of several nonprofit colleges and their options for me!

Walden University - A For-Profit University

The results clearly show how misleading and completely worthless Nonprofit Colleges Online truly is. Not only do we get just one online degree listing, but the “degree finder” takes us directly to a landing page for an online degree at Walden University. Walden is an online only, for-profit university. Remember what the slogan on the home page of Nonprofit Colleges Online says – “ONLINE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES PUTTING STUDENTS BEFORE PROFITS.” I think not. If you want to find real degrees, offered online by verifiable nonprofit colleges and universities, look no further than our website Nonprofit Online Degrees, or websites such as U.S. News and World Report.


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