UI PhD Doctoral Robe

Just a few years ago, most online doctoral degrees were offered only by for-profit colleges such as University of Phoenix or Devry University. However, with many doctoral programs consisting of quite a bit of reading, writing, research, and discussion, it became apparent that these degree programs would be fairly easy to convert to the online format. It is quite surprising how many nonprofits have put Ph.D. programs online during the last few years. For example, NonprofitOnlineDegrees.com lists five online doctoral degrees from University of Illinois, two from University of Florida, one from University of New Hampshire, and one from UMass Online. Today we want to discuss the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH in Leadership) offered by University of Illinois at Chicago.

According to UIC’s website, the need for doctoral level health professionals is growing rapidly. And programs such as the Doctor of Public Health at UIC ensure that leaders are equipped with practice and theory in all areas necessary. The program started in 2010 and the typical cohort is approximately 15 students.

The DrPH curriculum includes 28 semester hours (SH) of core requirements, 8 SH of a focus area, attendance at the annual summer institute, and a thesis project (28 SH). Up to 32 SH of credit may be granted for those already holding an MPH or related degree. The key takeaway is for all graduates to be able to evaluate and act upon information regarding a public health issue form a leadership perspective. For more information regarding the DrPH online degree program, please visit https://nonprofitonlinedegrees.com/university-of-illinois-online/doctor-of-public-health-drph-in-leadership/ or http://publichealth.uic.edu/doctor-of-public-health/degree.


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