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Find high quality, accredited online degrees from nonprofit colleges and universities. Search below for an online degree by the name of the degree or type (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) of the degree. Or if you are looking for a specific nonprofit college or university, search by name.

Why Nonprofit?

Nonprofit colleges and universities offer accredited, high-quality online degree programs that produce positive outcomes, taught by an approved mix of doctoral and professional level faculty.

Better Value & ROI

Nonprofit colleges and universities are generally much less expensive than for-profit colleges and universities.  And they offer a wide variety of scholarships and student programming. This translates into a higher return on investment for graduates.

WHat can you expect?

If you request information from an institution listed on this site, you will be contacted either by phone, email, or both, only by the institution you requested information from.

How For-Profits Masquerade as Nonprofit Colleges

This article from the Century Foundation is a must-read for all of us in nonprofit higher education. And really, it should be required reading for anyone - especially - adult learners considering going back to school to complete an undergraduate degree that was...

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More on COVID and the future of online learning

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review - "The Pandemic Pushed Universities Online. The Change Was Long Overdue." - suggests that an already stressed traditional higher-ed model is sure to be even more quickly supplanted by online education due to COVID. While...

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Online Education – A Brief History

Earning any type of degree is a process that has changed over the years. With the evolution of different technologies, a student is no longer obligated to be limited by schedules or financial restrictions like they were before. Not only are online degree programs...

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Colleges Fight Google Ads That Reroute Prospective Students

This article features an interview with Jeff Harmon, Nonprofit Online Degrees founder.

A few weeks ago, when Jeff Harmon searched on Google for North Arkansas College, an ad appeared next to the results that offered information about the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith. Clicking on the ad took Mr. Harmon to, where he filled out a form that promised to send him material about Fort Smith…….

Students defrauded by for-profits get win.

WASHINGTON (AP) — 10/17/2018 – Students defrauded by for-profit colleges scored an important victory on Tuesday, when a court cleared the way for an Obama-era policy that will make it easier for them to get their student loans forgiven